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Rates of your taxi Eindhoven - De Taxicentrale


DE TAXICENTRALE applies the standard rates set by the Dutch government.

This ensures that you never pay too much for your taxi ride.

The fare you pay is made up of a starting rate, a per-kilometer rate, and a per-minute rate.

If you want us to wait for you, there is also a waiting rate.

After the taxi ride, we will provide you with a printed receipt.

It clearly displays our taxi number and shows how the fare is calculated.

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Rates per January 1st, 2024 (information from the Dutch government)

20240101 tarieven rijksoverheid

The rate for waiting is € 55,35 per hour.

Our payment options

If you travel with DE TAXICENTRALE, you don't have to worry about payment. You don't have to pay the exact amount in cash like in the past.
A regular debit card or credit card is fine with us.
Do you frequently travel for business purposes? You can even travel on credit with us!


You can still pay cash with us. Easy does it!

Debit card

You can safely pay with your debit card, even for small amounts.
This way you don't have to bring extra cash.
Safe and without extra costs.

Credit card

You can also pay with your credit card.
We accept all cards, such as CreditCards, VISA, MasterCard, American Express.
Safe and without extra costs.

Rates for Taxi Schiphol

DE TAXICENTRALE offers favorable rates for a ride from Eindhoven to Schiphol. If you depart from a location other than Eindhoven outside a radius of 10 kilometers, we will be happy to discuss the costs with you.

Rates for Business transportation

If you use DE TAXICENTRALE for business transport for a one-time occasion, the rate is the same as a regular taxi ride. If you need a business taxi more frequently, we can offer you advantageous rates and you can pay afterwards on account. We are happy to think along with you, so always ask about the conditions.


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